Become a Certified Member of the Food Coast Donegal

If you are a food producer or food business in the county, there has never been a better time to become a certified member of The Food Coast Donegal. The Food Coast initiative certifies businesses that grow or produce food in Donegal, as well as service and retail sector businesses that sell Donegal made produce. The Food Coast brand is a mark of origin and allows consumers to identify food which is produced in Donegal or businesses which sell Donegal made produce. Applications for 2021 are now being accepted and interested food or hospitality businesses should get in touch with the Local Enterprise Office.

The Food Coast Donegal is continuing to champion Donegal food businesses and producers across the county, and has recently compiled a local food producers’ directory to showcase all the amazing food producers working in Donegal. Businesses listed in the directory are members of The Food Coast Donegal across a range of categories including seafood, confectionery, meat, cheese, dairy, bread, coffee, beer and spirits. The directory is available in hard copy or can be downloaded HERE. The directory is currently being distributed to all restaurants and hotels across the county.

Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise, Donegal, says the directory is about encouraging people to shop local:

“During difficult and uncertain times, shopping locally works on so many levels. Donegal has some of the country’s finest food and drinks’ producers and a wealth of local food retailers and restaurants selling local food. The aim of the directory is two-fold: firstly, it will create awareness of all the great work happening in the food sector in Donegal, and secondly, it will assist chefs, hospitality outlets, food establishments and retailers to easily source local produce. With a strong pool of producers and a wealth of culinary talents across Donegal, becoming a member of The Food Coast and having your business listed in the directory is an ideal opportunity to adopt the ethos of offering fresh, locally sourced / made produce and sharing that with customers”.

Become a certified member…

The Food Coast is a regional branding initiative developed by Local Enterprise Office Donegal to support, celebrate, and grow the Donegal food sector. To become a certified member, please complete one of the forms below and return by email to before Friday, 30th April 2021. Follow The Food Coast Donegal on social media for all the latest news and events.

Application forms: