US Food Marketing Programme 2021

Local Enterprise Office Donegal has joined forces with George Latella of St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia to present a unique learning opportunity for Donegal food businesses. The “Donegal Scholars US Food Marketing Programme” is an interactive, online five-week program that focuses on successful marketers and explores their strategies for success.

George Latella visited Donegal for Local Enterprise Week 2020

This program is designed to understand the dynamics of a changing and competitive marketplace and will equip attendees with the skills they need to engage their audience and effectively market their food business.

This comprehensive programme will address key topics around marketing a food business and best practice in retail, including reviewing the U.S. Food Marketing Strategy, examining trends in retail, technology, and innovation, looking at best practices in consumer-packaged goods, and addressing logistical challenges facing manufacturers and food producers, with a particular focus on the impact of Covid 19.

Express Your Interest

The programme commences on the 30th of August and interested businesses can email to find out more.