Even More To Choose From With Sinless Snacks

Sinless Snacks produces a range of healthy food snacks that are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free and are suitable for vegans and coeliacs.


A selection of the delicious product offering from Sinless Snacks.


Caroline Doherty created Sinless Snacks in March 2019 in her home kitchen: “We could see the lack of snacks currently available on the market for anyone with dietary requirements or those seeking a healthier diet and lifestyle. Our snacks are tasty, nutritious, and perfect for an active lifestyle.”


Sinless Snacks products are made exclusively in Chapter 63 Deli and Coffee Shop, located on the main street in Buncrana. In May, Sinless Snacks introduced a number of new flavours to their product range and now offers Bounty, Twix and Snicker flavoured snacks. The new popular flavours also include the Goji Berry Ball, which is high in Vitamin C and Zinc which helps to boost the immune system, and Chia Seed Balls, which are a source of omega 3 and contain alpha linolenic acid which helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.


Goji Berry Balls and Chia Seed Balls are the perfect healthy snack for when you’re on the go.


The range is ever expanding, and Sinless Snacks are now stocked in various locations across Donegal including Coffee Inc in Letterkenny, Supervalu in Buncrana and Callaghan’s Gala in Burt. “As a Donegal made product with the aim of ensuring everyone has access to delicious, healthy snacks, we are available for stocking in food businesses, especially coffee trailers across the county who struggle to meet the growing demand for dietary specific requests. We can help businesses stand out by providing a specialist product on a weekly basis” Caroline added.


You can contact Caroline Doherty for more information by calling 086 446 6222 or email sinlesssnacks07@gmail.com.