Iced Coffee Recipe From The Counter

Thanks to our Donegal Food Coast members, Richard and Olivia Finney, owners of The Counter in Letterkenny, for sharing this delicious recipe for Iced Coffee. Alongside running their wine shop, deli and café, their love of coffee has led them down the rabbit hole to setting up their own roastery. Richard trained with the world’s foremost coffee roasting consultant from California for two years and has taken speciality coffee to the hills of Donegal and beyond. This recipe for a delicious blended ice coffee is perfect for entertaining outdoors this summer – regardless of the weather!

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  • Milk – we’re blessed in Donegal to have some of the finest green pastures which deliver superb dairy products! We love Donegal Creameries but use whatever type of milk you prefer.
  • 1 x tin condensed milk
  • 10 x double shots of espresso coffee
  • Bag of ice
  • Iced drinks blender


  • Pour ten double shots of espresso into a container.
  • Pour the tin of condensed milk into the espresso, mix with a spoon and keep chilled.
  • When ready to make the drinks, take the condensed milk mixture out of the fridge. Using a large shot glass, pour one shot glass of the mix into the blender. Then add two large shots of milk in with it along with a glass of ice to the blender.
  • Blend together until it’s the right consistency – nice and smooth.
  • If you want to make a caramel or vanilla version, just add the syrup before blending it all together.
  • Sip, savour and enjoy.

Five years ago, in 2016, Richard and Olivia were announced the winners of Best Start Up Business at the Donegal Business Awards. Their business, The Counter Deli, began as a wine shop franchise, until they diversified into an independent wine and artisan food shop, with the addition of a coffee shop and food offering.


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