Profitnet Now Available for Food Businesses in Donegal

Donegal Local Enterprise Office is launching a new programme tailored for food businesses in the county. Profitnet offers a unique opportunity for owner managers to grow their food business by working with other like-minded people through the implementation of their business-specific action plans supported and challenged by group members.

Profitnet now available for food businesses in Donegal

Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise Donegal says the Profitnet model has already proven effective in other sectors: “Over the past 12 years, we’ve brought together 11 Profitnet groups in Donegal, involving some 200 businesses, and the outputs and results have been very positive. The programme has added significantly to the sustainability of the participating businesses and the management capabilities of the participants, and we’re excited to launch a specific programme for food businesses.”

Profitnet now available for food businesses in Donegal

“If you are developing and growing a food business in Donegal” Michael adds, “and want to learn from other like-minded business owners, then Profitnet could be what you need to keep you focussed on your business objectives. Profitnet brings together a group of 15-20 similar businesses monthly to share their knowledge and learnings. The course runs over an 18-month period and the network is made up of business owners or managers who are responsible for making strategic decisions, providing a common ground for all participants and ensuring the cross-fertilisation of their experience and ideas.”

Each Profitnet group is facilitated by trained facilitators who ensure delivery on agreed needs within a well-defined programme structure. Members join cross-sector or sector-specific groups and meet once a month for up to 3 hours. The facilitated groups are member-led, with topics for discussion, external speakers and training being wholly decided by members.

If you are interested in participating in a Profitnet network, please contact Margaret Campbell, Local Enterprise Office Donegal for more information on or 087 406 8271.

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Profitnet is delivered under license from CENTRIM at the University of Brighton, UK.