Profitnet Q&A with Joseph Doherty of Simply Inish

When did you do Profitnet?

I completed it in 2012 and learned things that I still use to this day. I found the whole process very beneficial for my business.

Why did you do it?

We were relatively new to business at the time and going through a challenging period owing to the recent economic downturn. I had been in touch with the Local Enterprise Office around the time Profitnet was being set up and they recommended I get involved as it would be beneficial to my business.

Profitnet Q&A with Joseph Doherty of Simply Inish
Joseph Doherty of Simply Inish completed Profitnet in 2012

How did you find it?

The group I was part of was a cross-sector group, so there was a mix of food and craft businesses involved. Although we were a group of different types of businesses, the issues brought forward tended to be universal to all in the room, so we learned a lot from each other. Listening to the challenges other businesses faced – and learning how they overcame them – helped us learn tips and techniques that were also applicable to our business.
The combined knowledge in the group was useful to everyone. We all helped each other, and it was great to be able to help others as a result of our own experiences. After Profitnet was finished, we remained in peer learning groups and continued to meet regularly.

What has been the lasting lesson from Profitnet for you?

As a result of Profitnet, I learned to become more proactive and faced challenges as they arise; this means problems facing the business do not get the chance to develop into more serious issues – developing that awareness and proactive mindset was key. I also developed strong business and trading relationships within Profitnet which grew outside of the group and continue to this day.

Would you recommend Profitnet to other businesses?

Yes, I would recommend it as a good learning experience; I believe we should all participate in learning to enhance our knowledge and business skills on an annual basis.

Profitnet Q&A with Joseph Doherty of Simply Inish
Joseph Doherty of Simply Inish pictured with the Donegal Food Coast team

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