Regenerative Farming in Donegal

Congratulations to Cathal Mooney, who was one of the finalists in the Farming for Nature Awards. Cathal, from Ardara, runs Heather Hill Farm in Dunkineely. He has just finished his third season farming regeneratively.

Cathal works with nature, 100% chemical free, to produce quality products in a biodiverse setting. His systems mimic nature, respecting the animals and building on topsoil through the natural cycles of life. His natural farming efforts have led him to be selected as a Farming for Nature Ambassador. Cathal is passionate about a new holistic approach to farming that benefits nature, the farmer and the consumer. He sells direct to the customer, cutting out the middleman, meaning the farmer makes an honest living for his hard work and dedication and the customer can trust how and where the food is produced.

Cathal grew up on a conventional farm which has triggered his passion for farming; he now wants to teach other young farmers about regenerative farming, so they too can make a respectful living from their land.

Farming for Nature works with farmers to enhance the natural health of the countryside; its mission is to highlight the positive work farmers are doing for the environment and encourage farmers to feel that they are part of the solution, not just the problem. The Farming for Nature initiative seeks to acknowledge and support those farmers who farm, or wish to farm, in a way that will improve the natural health of our countryside.

Watch this video to find out more about Cathal and his holistic approach to farming in Donegal: