Safefood is hosting two online webinars which take place in November

Safefood is hosting two free online webinars which will take place this month. The first one is ‘Thermal Processing for Food Business’ and the second one is ‘Listeria, the Law, and What Good Control Looks Like’.

Thermal Processing for Food Business – 12th November 10am

A free webinar on “Thermal Processing for Food Business” will be presented by Miranda Steward, Chartered Environmental Health Officer. Miranda has many years’ experience working with the food industry both as a consultant and as a regulator. She spent over 30 years working in local government, having been a joint Chief Executive and then set up her own company. She has worked with a number of celebrity chefs and well renowned businesses as well as with food manufacturers and small artisan food producers.

She has great interest in developing and delivering food safety workshops for both regulators and the industry and has run a number of these throughout the UK and Ireland, specialising in some of the niche aspects of food safety such as Sous Vide, low temperature processing, food microbiology for non-microbiologists and durability of foods.

In this presentation, Miranda will give an understanding of basic thermal processing and will cover topics including the definition of thermal processing, how it can destroy and control microbes, the importance of monitoring thermal processing steps and much more.

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Listeria, the Law, and What Good Control Looks Like – 23rd November 10am

A free webinar on “Listeria, the Law, and What Good Control Looks Like” will be presented by Karin Goodburn MBE. Karin specialises in chilled food science, technology, and regulatory affairs. As Director General of the Chilled Food Association, and as a consultant, she advises government on policy, safety, and supply chain issues, provides technical and policy guidance to manufacturers and represents the industry both in the UK and around the world.

Karin has overseen the development of numerous industry and other guidelines and standards with regulators, manufacturers, the trade and researchers, and is a member of a range of boards and committees including at the UN FAO/WHO, GFSI and food steering groups of professional organisations. She is also an author of a range of industry guidance thereon and papers on chilled food safety and policy.

In this presentation, Karin will give an overview of Listeria Monocytogenes, epidemiological data, key manufacturing control considerations and discuss EU law with regard to Listeria monocytogenes.

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