Terms And Conditions

Key Criteria for using the Food Coast Brand

The Food Coast brand is a brand of provenance and can be used to promote any food product which is made in Donegal or any activities from within the county designed to promote Donegal food. The proposed key criteria for using The Food Coast brand are as follows:

  • The Food Coast is a brand of provenance (people and place).
  • It can only be used when highlighting people and places, and is not a brand indicating quality levels.
  • It is to be used by businesses who have demonstrated commitment to the vision and objectives of The Donegal Food Strategy and this commitment must have been demonstrated in advance of application (i.e. attendance at previous Food Coast meetings, events, training or actively sourcing locally).

Criteria for Retailers and Food Service Operators

Retailers and Food Service Operators applying to use The Food Coast brand must offer their local producers from the county the benefit of being used as ingredients, on menus, on shelf etc.

Retailers or Food Service Operators applying to use The Food Coast brand must be able to offer the details of at least 5 local products and producers which they source from. Details of Donegal sources must be submitted at time of application, giving names and contact details. (5 is a minimum threshold and the spirit of the use of The Food Coast brand is that each establishment using the brand will do their utmost to maximise the use of Donegal produced product).

Restaurants and hotels using The Food Coast brand must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Locally sourced product should be used where available e.g. potatoes, seafood, etc.
  • Producer/grower names must be detailed & highlighted on menus.
  • Copies of their menus and/or sourcing statements should be submitted to Donegal’s Good Food Initiative. These documents are assessed and the establishment will be contacted should any additional information be required. In particular, evidence of origin/source information or any other information identifying support of local suppliers.

Applicants must be signed up to The Food Coast Initiative or have shown previous commitment to Donegal’s Good Food Initiative by attending previous events or programmes or having worked collectively to promote Donegal Food.

Annual Fee of €100 must be paid in advance of using the brand if approval is granted.

Terms of Use

  1. Overall responsibility for the management, oversight and operation of The Food Coast – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative will remain with the Local Enterprise Office Donegal, Donegal County Council.
  2. All applicants must complete an application form. A Food Coast brand approval sub-committee will scrutinise all applications and will act as a judicator where any question of withdrawing the brand arises. This committee will be made up of the members of the steering group and other suitable sector representatives. It will be independent and have a clear understanding of the ethos of The Food Coast brand.
  3. Permission to use The Food Coast brand will be withdrawn if there is any breach of the rules. No refund will be offered.
  4. The applicants will be responsible for any costs incurred through disposal of marketing collateral if permission to use The Food Coast brand is withdrawn.
  5. All current permission to use The Food Coast brand as of January 2018 is deemed to be cancelled. Future use will require prior written approval from Local Enterprise Office Donegal.
  6. Each permission to use the brand will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue once the minimum criteria are met.
  7. An annual fee of €100 will be required to use the brand. Businesses in their first 12 months of life at the date of application will be charged a reduced fee of €100.
  8. Approval to use The Food Coast brand will entitle all subscribers to participate in the subsidised activities implemented during Donegal’s Good Food Initiative including mentoring, training, networking events, marketing programmes, showcase events, etc.
  9. Use of The Food Coast branding must be in line with the guidelines as set out in member’s information packs which are issued upon approval.
  10. As a member you will be open to being randomly selected and audited against the criteria. If selected you must facilitate the approvals committee.

1. Terms & Conditions

  • These terms and conditions provide a governing framework for the use of The Food Coast brand which may be granted to, withheld or withdrawn from any applicant.
  • The decision making body for the brand shall be the members of the sub-committee of The Donegal Food Strategy.
  • The brand logo of The Food Coast, specified by The Donegal Food Strategy to be used by an authorised person, may be used in advertising, at point of sale and on promotional literature, stationery, etc. within the scope of the brand guidelines. Manufacturers and Producers may use The Food Coast brand on approved product(s).
  • In order to maintain the credibility and reputation of The Food Coast brand, permission to use the brand will be awarded only following a complete assessment of the applicant‘s application and The Donegal Food Strategy approval sub-committee reserves the right to refuse any application without assigning any reason for its decision.
  • The Food Coast brand accepts no liability for defective products/services offered by authorised persons using the brand or otherwise howsoever arising.

2. Conditions

The applicant:

  • agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein regarding use of The Food Coast brand;
  • agrees to pay appropriate annual fee of €100;
  • undertakes not to use The Food Coast brand in such a way as would bring The Donegal Food Strategy, The Food Coast Initiative or the Food Coast brand in to disrepute;
  • undertakes to use The Food Coast brand in accordance with the guidelines governing its use.