Atlantic Treasures

Bungosteen, Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Food Producer

The O’Donnell family from Killybegs have been processing fish from the clear crystal waters of the Atlantic for over 30 years and believe that fish can be utilised sustainably and safely to bring to each and every customer. With their hand crafted products they smoke and marinade only the best quality fish to bring you their Atlantic Treasures range which can be traced from boat to basket…..

Smoked Mackerel:

Their “full on flavour” range is packed with natural ingredients is ready to eat and rich in flavour thanks to their innovative natural smoking process. Their mackerel contains one of highest omega3 fats content on the market. This gives the fish a superior taste and texture.

Nordic Style -Marinated Herring:

Their Marinated wild Atlantic Herring is all natural, hand made artisan product, that is made only in small batches. Their “full on flavour” range of four award winning recipes is convenient, high in protein, omega oils, calcium and vitamin-D. Ready to serve and eat.



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